Presentations and Presenters:

Day 1: Session 1 [Perspectives on Mining Revenue Management]

Session 2: [Overview of potential economic benefits and challenges of deep sea mining to Pacific ACP States]

Session 3.1 [Overview of DSM Fiscal Regime Design]

Session 3.2 [Introduction to Fiscal Regime Case Study Exercise]- Professor Lee Burns

Day 2: Session 3.4 [Discussion of Case Study Exercises]

 Session 4.1 [Overview of DSM Revenue Management]

Session 4.2 [Introduction to Revenue Management Case Study Exercises]- Dr Vidar Ovesen

Day 3: Session 4.4: [Discussion of Case Study Exercise]

Group presentations of findings and issues:

Session 5.1 [Overview of DSM Public Financial Management (PFM) issues] 

Session 5.2 [Introduction to PFM Case Study Exercises]- Mr Ron Hackett (PFM Advisor/PFTAC)

 Day 4: Session 5.4[ Discussion of Case Study Exercise]

 Group presentations of findings and issues:

Session 5.5: Case Study Exercise Conclusions

Takeaways from the Case Study Exercises and Summing Up  :

 Session 6.1 [Presentation of the Regional DSM Financial Framework (RFF)]