Presentations and Presenters:
Day 1: Session 1: Regional Update

  • Nautilus Minerals- Mr William Saleu (Environment Advisor, Nautilus Minerals)
  • Sumiko Resources- Mr Takumi Onuma ( Deputy General Manager/Chief Geologist, Sumiko Resources Exploration and Development Co.,Ltd)
  • DSM in the International Area- Mr Russell Howorth (Consultant)
  • Civil Society Organisations- Ms Laisa Vereti (Research & Development Officer, Pacific Disability Forum)

Session 2: DSM Scientific Research Guidelines

  • Regulatory Guidelines- Ms Marie Bourrel (Legal Adviser, Deep Sea Minerals Project)
  • Scientific Guidelines- Dr Geoffroy Lamarche [Principle Scientist,Marine Geology and Geophysics, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)]
  • DSMSRG Activity-Ms Alison Swaddling (Environment Advisor, Deep Sea Minerals Project)

Day 2: Session 3a: Regional Environmental Management Framework

Day 3: Session 3b: REMF

Bingo Activities: