Consultations with the participating countries  determined the need for a series of practical workshops to help build governance capacity and engage key stakeholders in the decision-making process. In response, the Pacific ACP Deep Sea Minerals Project has developed a regional technical training programme with a series of 1-week regional training workshops covering the following key areas:

Technical Training Workshops

  1. Geological, Technological, Biological and Environmental Aspects of Deep Sea Minerals ( 13-17 August 2012 in Fiji)

  1. Law and Contract Negotiations for Deep Sea Minerals ( 11-15 March 2013 in Tonga)

  2. Deep Sea Minerals Activities Social Impacts and Public Participation (10-14 June 2013 in Vanuatu)
  3. Environment Perspectives of Deep Sea Minerals Activities ( 9-13 Dec 2013 in Nadi, Fiji)
  4. Fiscal regimes and the responsible investment of revenues from Deep Sea Minerals ( 13-16 May 2014 in the Cook Islands)
  5. Policy Formulation and Legislative Drafting of Deep Sea Minerals ( 18-22 May 2015 in Samoa)
  6. Fiscal Regime development and Revenue Management Options for Pacific ACP States ( 24-27 August 2015 in Nadi, Fiji)
  7. Environmental Management of Deep Sea Minerals Activities (5-8 October in Nadi, Fiji)


National Stakeholder Consultation Workshops

1. Cook Islands
2. Fiji
3. Federated States of Micronesia
4. Kiribati
5. Marshall Islands
6. Nauru
7. Niue
8. Palau
9. Papua New Guinea
11.Solomon Islands
12.Timor Leste



DSM Project Steering Committee Meetings

1. First Deep Sea Minerals Project Steering Committee (8th June 2011)

2. Second Deep Sea Minerals Project Steering Committee (17th Oct 2011)

3. Second Technical Steering Committee (3rd Dec 2011)

4. Deep Sea Minerals Project Steering Committee Meeting 2013

5. Deep Sea Minerals Project Steering Committee Meeting 2014



Other Meetings

1. Pacific ACP States SPC-EU Deep Sea Minerals Project Inaugural Workshop (6 - 8th June 2011)

2. International Seabed Authority / SPC Workshop (28th Nov - 2nd Dec 2011)