1. Overview of the SPC-EU EDF10 Deep Sea Minerals (DSM) Project - Mr Akuila Tawake (SPC)
  2. Deep Sea Minerals and Mining in Pacific Islands Region and Palau deep sea minerals - Mr Akuila Tawake (SPC)
  3. Outcomes of the DSM Project Inaugural Workshop and the ISA-SPC Workshop - Ms Vira Atalifo (SPC)
  4. International law obligations and the draft Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework - Mr Akuila Tawake (SPC)
  5. Palau relevant national laws and policies related to deep sea mineral activities: Gaps, Requirements and Priorities - Ms Ernestine Rengiil (Palau Attorney General)
  6. DSM Project Implementation in Palau: Formation of the National Offshore Minerals Committee (NOMC) - Ms Vira Atalifo (SPC)