The DSM Project is committed to building the capacity of Pacific Island nationals in the emerging sector of deep sea minerals in it's 15 Pacific Island member countries.

Various options for  capacity building and training in  law and environment are offered to graduates and government officials. Internship brochures can be downloaded here.

As of August 2015, the DSM Project has provided capacity building training opportunities to 51 people from the Pacific Islands:










Government Attachment with DSM Project Staff - Suva, Fiji

An adapted version of the Graduate Internship scheme is offered to Pacific-ACP Government law officers for an intensive two-week placement with the SPC-EU DSM Project in Suva, Fiji. Government officials receive tailored training, for example, DSM specific country legislation being drafted that may need assistance. They will also receive guidance in relevant general practice work for their country.

The content, objectives and suggested dates of the training will be checked for availability of the Project’s Staff.

International Seabed Authority Internship - Jamaica

Since 2013, the DSM Project has collaborated with the Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) to run a one-month annual internship in the ISA Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica.

This opportunity is available exclusively for Pacific Island government lawyers. It is a unique opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insight to the working of this specialist DSM intergovernmental organisation.

Internship for Recent Graduates

This two-month Suva-based internship aims to build capacities for recent graduates in the field of law or environment to develop a sustainable source of in country expertise, where graduates can meet their commitments to work in and for their countries as interns under the DSM project. The internship not only provides training specific to DSM but also incorporates an opportunity for young Pacific Islanders to learn more general office skills, teamwork, professional conduct and critical thinking.

Law Graduates Internship Scheme

Initiated in 2012, the Legal Internship Scheme provides on-the-job legal training to law graduates that include legislative review, legal drafting, legal research and analysis, and formal interaction and correspondence with government officials and stakeholders.Shorter internships can be offered to students whose post-graduate legal diploma requires a four-week placement.

Environment Graduates Internship Scheme 

This scheme is open to individuals who have graduated in the fields of environment, marine studies or other applicable disciplines. Interns will review environmental management frameworks, undertake research tasks and gain an understanding of DSM environments, specific considerations and environmental management mechanisms, such as environment impact assessment.Priority will be given to applicants from the Project countries that are under bond to work for their government after completing their studies. Approval is obtained from applicants’ respective Government before positions are finalised.

Other Internships

The DSM Project also offers internship opportunities in Communications, Geology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This scheme is open to individuals who have graduated in the fields of Journalism/Communications, Geology and Programming and Geographical Information Systems.

Other Opportunities
International Foundation for the Law of the Sea (IFLOS), Germany (one month)

The IFLOS is a one-month training programme in Hamburg (Germany) in July each year. It aims to increase awareness of the important work carried out by the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea for the peaceful sett lement of sea disputes and the further implementation of the United Nations Convention On the Law of the Sea. It is also a unique opportunity to foster dialogue between the academic world, the Judges of the Tribunal and maritime practitioners.

Rhodes Academy Centre for Oceans Law and Policy- Greece

In June/July each year, the Virginia University runs a prestigious three-week course dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the main principles of oceans law. The Rhodes Academy provides a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their understanding of maritime law set out in international agreements and national state practice.

Duke University Marine Conservation Summer Institute - USA

This five-week course runs in June/July each year and is a practicum in natural science, social science, law, and policy for professionals, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates. It immerses students in the world of marine conservation biology and policy, giving them a set of basic tools for conserving marine biodiversity.