Consultations with the participating countries  determined the need for a series of practical workshops to help build governance capacity and engage key stakeholders in the decision-making process. In response, the Pacific ACP Deep Sea Minerals Project has developed a regional technical training programme with a series of 1-week regional training workshops covering the following key areas:

Technical Training Workshops

  1. Geological, Technological, Biological and Environmental Aspects of Deep Sea Minerals ( 13-17 August 2012 in Fiji)

  1. Law and Contract Negotiations for Deep Sea Minerals ( 11-15 March 2013 in Tonga)

  2. Deep Sea Minerals Activities Social Impacts and Public Participation (10-14 June 2013 in Vanuatu)
  3. Environment Perspectives of Deep Sea Minerals Activities ( 9-13 Dec 2013 in Nadi, Fiji)
  4. Fiscal regimes and the responsible investment of revenues from Deep Sea Minerals ( 13-16 May 2014 in the Cook Islands)
  5. Policy Formulation and Legislative Drafting of Deep Sea Minerals ( 18-22 May 2015 in Samoa)
  6. Fiscal Regime development and Revenue Management Options for Pacific ACP States ( 24-27 August 2015 in Nadi, Fiji)
  7. Environmental Management of Deep Sea Minerals Activities (5-8 October in Nadi, Fiji)


National Stakeholder Consultation Workshops